This Is An EXTREME Protocol and It Is Definitely NOT For Everybody...
Hasta La Vista, Body Fat: 
Are You STRONG Enough, BRAVE Enough, MAN Enough... To Try The Revolutionary NEW Hardcore Program That Helps You Shed More Weight In 2 Weeks Than You Have
Quickly Get The Badass Ripped Sexy Body You Have Always Wanted...
Even If You've Tried To Get In Shape In The Past And Failed!
If you want to melt away 10-20 pounds within the NEXT 14 Days, Reach Your Ideal Body Weight FAST, while maintaining your hard earned muscle mass, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why… 

If you've been following me on social media, you know I'm a mf'n MACHINE when it comes to testing the best workouts and diets for building lean, clean muscle. 

Now, based on everything I've learned over 20 years of training... 

  •  Getting as ripped as humanly possible, WITHOUT losing hard-earned muscle
  •  "Melting" 10-20 pounds fat, even if you've tried and failed with other diets
  •  Giving you rockstar confidence that attracts women faster than a sale on Kylie Jenner lip gloss
  •  Getting as ripped as humanly possible, WITHOUT losing hard-earned muscle
  •  "Melting" 10-20 pounds fat, even if you've tried and failed with other diets
  •  Giving you rockstar confidence that attracts women faster than a sale on Kylie Jenner lip gloss
Let me show you how FAST this protocol works when you follow it, step-by-step. 
Using the T2 Judgement Diet, I dropped 15 pounds in 14 days!

You ain’t dropping more than a pound per day on a “regular” diet all the fitness magazines try to sell you!  

But I would be a moron to share this protocol without testing it on OTHER people first... 

So I decided to test it on my business partner, White Boy Brian.  
After just 14 days of following my advice, here's the RESULTS:

Brian dropped 12 pounds in just 2 weeks!
But that’s not even the best part… 
As you can see in DEXA scan pictures above, Brian went from 16% body fat to 13% body fat, which means 6 of the 12 pounds he lost were PURE fat!

He retained virtually all his muscle!(The other 6 pounds was mostly water)  

Now before thinking my 14-day plan is for you, I must warn you... 
Mark Lost over 100 Pounds Working With Me
Will YOU Be Next?
From My Clients
This is NOT Your Regular “Basic Bitch” Fitness Program!
is not for regular people who want regular results. This is an “Over the Top”, “Battle Tested” EXTREME protocol designed to get you EXTREME RESULTS in a short amount of time.
  •  THIS PROGRAM IS NOT SUSTAINABLE: This is not meant be the kind of program that you do for “months”. This program was meticulously designed over the last decade to help you drop a literal “shit load” of weight and achieve your ideal body FAST, then maintain your amazing new ROCKSTAR BODY for as long as you desire.
  • THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FUN, IT’S A WAR!: If you are looking for a fat loss program that you will “enjoy”, this is NOT for you (If that is what you want, I’d like you to go fuck yourself!)                       TERMINATOR 2 WEEK JUDGMENT DIET is an all out WAR you wage against your fat cells! WAR is not “fun”. WAR IS HELL! This program was designed to beat your fat cells into submission until they beg for mercy! God is merciful, TERMINATOR 2 WEEK JUDGMENT DIET is NOT!
  •           This is a "take no prisoners"battle royal against your unwanted body fat that will ensure you are the last man standing.
  • THIS PROGRAM IS NOT A LONG TERM SOLUTION: Why would anyone want to be on a diet for the “long term” when you don’t have to? That’s the stupidest shit in world! The fitness industry talks about “long term solutions” as if not being able to accomplish your goals quickly is a badge of honor! If you do the TERMINATOR 2 WEEK JUDGMENT DIET right,            you won't have to diet “long term” (like a bitch) The TERMINATOR 2 WEEK JUDGMENT DIET will help you reach your ideal body weight FAST, and it will teach you how to maintain your new and improved BADASS body effortlessly!
  • THIS PROGRAM IS NOT EASY: Unless you fought in World War II or have killed a lion with your bare hands, this will probably be the most difficult thing you've ever done. That’s why it works so well. If you are the kind of person who is not willing to work HARD to accomplish your goals, then this is NOT for you. You are NOT the kind of “MAN” (sarcastic quotes) this program was made for.
From My Clients
If You Are “Soft”, “Sensitive”, a “Cry Baby”, or a “SJW”. Please STOP READING NOW! This is NOT for you.
You want to know what’s really making you less confident in yourself? It’s the fact that you KNOW in your heart that you are not WORKING HARD ENOUGH FOR WHAT YOU REALLY DESIRE! (more on this later)
✅Look amazing on the beach during vacation.
✅Have confidence that comes from being shredded and muscular
Get attention that comes from having an amazing body
✅Sh*t on the haters
Stunt on your ex
✅Ride into the summer like ax wielding gladiator on the back of a fire breathing lion
I’ll tell you why you haven't accomplished this yet, but you're NOT going to like it.


Bro, I am not fucking around right now. STOP READING THIS 🛑 

You’re really going to do this? 😳 

Ok, don’t say I didn't warn you. 
He Lost Over 100 Pounds Working With Me!
From My Clients
Do you want to know the REAL reason most people fail to lose weight?

Losing fat and transforming your body is not easy. Millions of guys just like you try, and fail, over and over again, every single day.

"Over 90% of people fail when starting a new diet.”
(studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Fuck man, I am sure you have tried and failed too.

Why is losing weight so difficult?

I am about to tell you why this is...

The #1 Reason Most Guys NEVER Get The Body They Want
The fitness industry thinks you’re a bitch.

They think you're a pussy, so every product they offer you is some cookie cutter bullshit that promises you a “Fun and Easy” way to get in shape. They tell you you can “Eat all your favorite foods”, “Enjoy Every Minute” and still get the body of Shredded GOD. 

They think you are WAY too soft to handle the HARDCORE shit that REALLY WORKS! 
So they give you some generic bullshit. That cookie cutter bullshit may work a little bit, but it’s definitely not challenging enough to bring about REAL RESULTS.

Look, if you're some goddamn “Soccer Mom” from some shit town in the middle of fucking nowhere, a “Fun, Easy, Enjoyable” workout program may get you adequate results 👵

A diet that lets you “Eat ALL The Foods You Enjoy” may work for you if you're a teenage girl who’s Daddy just got her another “One Direction” poster to decorate the pink walls in her bedroom 👸 

But if you are a MAN who’s trying to to build the body of a mother fucking ACTION HERO, you're going to have to put in ACTION HERO effort 🏆 

The Secret To Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s Success 
That Will  Get You Ripped As Fuck 
Tim Grover (Personal Trainer to Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant), said this-

“Any workout that promises it will be FUN or EASY and doesn't require hard work, is NOT a workout, it's an INSULT!”

He Struggled His Whole Life!
Then He Lost Over 100 Pounds WHen He Started Working With Me
The fitness industry has been INSULTING you your whole life!
Every time they offer you an “Easy, Effortless” program, they are basically calling you a bitch straight to your face!

THEY are telling you that YOU CAN'T HANDLE a Hardcore Program because they think you are too soft and weak. 

THEY are holding you back from your potential greatness! They are deliberately HOLDING YOU BACK from becoming the STRONG, BADASS, CHAMPION that YOU'RE MEANT TO BE! 

Look, WEAK people always look for the EASY way. 

The fitness industry knows that if you remain WEAK, it will be easy for them to SELL YOU BULLSHIT and LIES! 

The vast majority of people are WEAK, SOFT, and PUSSY. That’s why you see so much bullshit in the fitness industry. 

The Fitness Industry KNOWS that there is not much money to be made selling products to BAD ASSES because there are not enough BAD ASSES in the world.
Because Planet Earth is populated by so few BAD ASSES, selling bad ass shit is just not profitable!

I know this is a FACT because I have worked in the fitness industry for 20 years. I have literally heard executives say, “This works, but it’s way too hard for the average person. Let’s make it easier”. 

You know what’s REALLY easy? Selling LIES to weak people! 

If you can get a WEAK person who believes that he can get what he wants “EFFORTLESSLY”, that soft mother fucker will give you any amount of money you ask for! 

The only problem with that is that it’s a LIE!!!! 

The whole game is rigged! It’s a scam.

Anything with the word “cleanse”. This is a bullshit term when it comes to burning fat. You can’t “clean” away body fat.
❌ Anything with the word “Detox”. You don’t need to take a product to “detox” your body. Your Liver and Kidneys will do that for you whether you want them to or not. And “Detoxing” yourself will NOT help you lose any fat.
Any diet that says you can “Eat Whatever You Want”. Sure, as long as your calories remain low, this may get you some results. However, do you think the guys that are in ELITE shape or CHAMPION Pro Athletes are fucking around eating bullshit all day? Get real bro.
❌ Any workout with the word “Easy”. Really? You think you can just fuck around in the gym and still look like a Greek God? The fucking “Greek Gods” did not even do that! And that shit is make believe! But you think you can do it in REAL LIFE? Cool story, bro.
I can go on and on about the fitness industry LIES and SCAMS, but you get the point.

What do you notice that all the LIES have in common? That’s right, they all promise amazing results with little effort. And that message is really appealing if you are a weak son of bitch who wants “Something For Nothing”.  

But, we ALL know deep inside that is not how the REAL WORLD WORKS. In the REAL WORLD, everything is governed by “CAUSE AND EFFECT”. That means that if you want EXTREME RESULTS, you have to take EXTREME ACTION! 

In your heart, you already know that. So why do we fall victim to lies that promise us “something for nothing”? 

We fall for the LIES because of our inner WEAKNESS! Because we have ALL been WEAK at one point.

NONE of us are BORN BAD ASSES! All BADASS guys you know all started out as pussies. That’s GREAT NEWS FOR YOU because that means “BADASSERY” is a trait that YOU can develop too! 

Dustin Lost 46 Pounds Working With Me!
The Fastest Way To Lose Weight, Get Ripped And Avoid Being An Overweight Pussy Your Whole Life
Look, If you are reading this it's because you want to be RIPPED and Shredded as fuck! But WHY do you want that? What you really want is the benefits that come from having a shredded body.
You want-

  • Members of the opposite sex begging for your attention
  •  Admiration from your peers
  •  Turbo Charged Energy Level
  •  The Stamina of a Blood Thirsty Siberian Tiger
  •  The Sound of Your Name to Strike Fear In the Hearts of Your Haters
I am about to tell you how you can get ALL of that AND MORE! However, that’s not what you want most.

What you want MOST is CONFIDENCE. 

You want the kind of UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE that gets respect and honor from other men, causes the hottest women to beg for your attention, and makes your enemies cower in fear at the mere mention of your name. 

How do you get THAT kind of confidence?  

(Only Pussies do that)
GOD LIKE CONFIDENCE can ONLY come from Accepting Challenges!
Ryan Lost Over 100 Pounds Working With ME
Here is YOUR Challenge:
Lose more weight in 14 days than you have all year so you can Have the Super Hero Body and Rock Solid Confidence you want by THIS summer! 
Are you MAN ENOUGH to accept this challenge?
Almost everyone reading this is way too fucking SOFT to even TRY this
You are about to learn about one of the most effective fat loss programs in the history of the Goddamn world!

This Super Simplified diet strategy leaves nothing up to chance - You’re not going to like it! But it works far better than anything you ever tried! 

You CAN lose weight FAST with this program, but it’s NOT easy… FAST, but not easy - It will push you to your limits. It will get you weight loss results faster than anything you’ve tried in the past. This method is Fast, but not easy! 

You will be a different man after this! Both physically, but more importantly, MENTALLY! 

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

My name is Brandon Carter and I have been a celebrity personal trainer and nutritionist for 19 years.

I have trained literally thousands of people from all walks of life during my career. 

From professional athletes working to take their performance to championship levels, to bikini and lingerie models and dancers whose job it is to have some of the sexiest bodies on earth.

I have also worked as a fitness model for BILLION DOLLAR brands like NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, and Brand JORDAN. 

You may have also seen me in media outlets like Men's health, FLEX Magazine, Ebony Magazine, VIBE Magazine, XXL Magazine, Krave Fit, Entrepreneur Magazine, BET, MTV, VH1, FOX, NBC, Extra, Huffington Post, and many others. 

I am now CEO of a multi million dollar fitness and nutrition company known as BRO LABORATORIES.

I’ve spent the last 20 YEARS mastering the ability to teach people how to get in the best shape of their fucking life! 

While I have had amazing success with clients from all walks of life, I knew I was holding something back.

I never shared my most HARDCORE program with the masses because I did not think people were strong enough to do it. I only gave people “light” versions of this method. While they got AMAZING results doing the “basics”, I knew that they would accomplish even more if they had done the “full” version of this method.  

If they had the BEST protocol… 
I developed this program back when I used to be a fitness model for huge brands like NIKE and ADIDAS. Back then I would get a call from my agent saying I needed to be ready for a shoot in 1 week!

Sometimes I would get lucky and have 2 weeks to get ripped for a shoot. But even that's not enough time to be “Magazine Covert” ready. Here's the problem: I had to be at a single digit body fat % for each shoot. But I did not stay THAT ripped year round because I also wanted to build more muscle.

I had to learn how to drop a ton of body Fat FAST while maintaining muscle. Like you, I tried a lot of things and failed.

First I tried doing a TON of cardio. HIIT cardio helped me get ripped faster than regular cardio, but that was best for when I had a few MONTHS to get ripped. It didn't work when I only had 1 week 😟

Then I tried just keeping my calories SUPER LOW. I lost fat doing that, but I would lose muscle too 😞

This charade went on for almost a year, until I finally discovered the perfect combination of diet, cardio, and weight training to QUICKLY burn the most fat, and keep the most muscle 🤯🤯🤯

I call this program the “TERMINATOR 2 WEEK: JUDGEMENT DIET”! It's the most difficult program you will ever try, and that's why it works!
From My Clients
This Program Is WAY too Intense for Most People!
If You are NOT Willing to challenge yourself and work hard to accomplish your goals, then this is NOT FOR YOU!

Go find one of them fitness chicks who is always posting “teeth whitening” devices, pics of her tiny dog, and her whore friends. If you click the link in her bio, she may have some soft A$$ “12 Week Love Yourself Challenge” bullshit for you. You and your boyfriend should do that, because you are not hardcore enough for THIS.

How Does The
Help You Rapidly Shed More Weight In 14 Days Than You Have All Year?
The secret to this program’s success is a 3 part system that's designed to RAPIDLY maximize your fat loss while maintaining your muscle mass so you get the STRONG, LEAN, and MUSCULAR BODY you want faster than ever.

This elite level program is comprised of 3 pillars... 




By themselves, each component would get you really good results. But when you put all 3 together, they join forces to wage a HOLY WAR on your FAT CELLS that leaves them cowering in defeat, unveiling cuts in your body that you never even knew you had.
Any asshole in your local gym knows that you have to “burn more calories than you consume” in order to burn fat. 

But there are a few problems with trying to do this with regular cardio. For starters, do you know how many calories you burn (on average) when you run just one mile? About 100 calories. That ain’t shit man!

There are more than 100 calories in fucking banana! That means that if you run a mile, then eat a banana, it’s like you did NOTHING!

So now you can see that you are going to have to burn WAY more calories to get ripped FAST. How do you do that?

You have two options…

You could run 10 MILES a day like an asshole in an attempt to to burn 1000 cals. But that would burn your hard earned muscle away too! Have you ever seen a muscular “Marathon Runner”? Fuck no! Nobody has. That’s because doing mid pace steady state cardio for long durations causes you to lose muscle!

So how do you burn a ridiculous amount of calories while maintaining your muscle?

The cardio we use in TERMINATOR 2 WEEK JUDGMENT DIET is called “Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis” or “N.E.A.T.” for short.
In TERMINATOR 2 WEEK: JUDGMENT DIET I will systematically break down how to use “N.E.A.T.” in a way that allows you to burn THOUSANDS of extra calories EACH DAY while maintaining your muscle mass!

NEAT can help in weight loss in several ways. NEAT is known to improve metabolism of your body along with correcting any metabolic abnormalities. NEAT also helps in weight loss by regulating fat distribution in the body. Apart from acting on existing fat/weight, it can also help in preventing weight gain in the future. It has been found that it stops weight gain after a period of weight loss.
  • NEAT boosts metabolism immediately
  •  NEAT corrects metabolic abnormalities
  •  NEAT regulates fat distribution and promotes fat loss
  •  NEAT prevents weight regain after weight loss
  •  NEAT is the BEST way to burn a SHIT LOAD of calories each day
  •  NEAT maintains muscle mass while quickly stripping fat from your body
Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Lose Weight 
(Even If You've Tried To Get In Shape In The Past And Failed)
While a workout is important, everyone knows that you “Can’t outtrain a bad diet”. However, YOU CAN OUT DIET BAD TRAINING! 

This is why I consider the diet portion of TERMINATOR 2 WEEK: JUDGMENT DIET to be the most important by far, but it’s also the most difficult. If you can handle this, than you can handle any obstacle life throws at you!

The diet we are using is my own version of an extremely effective “off the radar” diet protocol called “Protein Sparing Modified Fast” or “PSMF”.
What is a Protein-Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF)?
A Protein-Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) is a very low-calorie diet designed to help you lose a lot of weight quickly. It’s a WAY more HARDCORE version of the Ketogenic Diet.

“Protein-sparing” refers to the diet’s main goal, which is to maintain muscle mass while losing fat.

It has been around since the 1970s, when physicians began researching the diet as a way to help severely obese patients lose weight.

One study found that 15 obese patients on a PSMF lost an average of 32 pounds (15 kg) of body fat over 6 weeks. Better yet, no muscle mass was lost during this time which is important for maintaining your metabolic rate.

Other studies have had similar results, showing a loss of mostly fat tissue.

When most people try to do PSMF, it’s usually under the supervision of a medical professional because there are countless ways for you to fuck it up if you try to do it on your own. 

This is why I have developed my own version of PSMF that is so simple, there is literally no way you could fuck it up unless you are a retard.

When I say “simple”, I do NOT mean “EASY”

This WILL BE the most difficult diet protocol you have ever tried. However, nothing works better than THIS! 

I have been in working in the fitness industry for 20 years. I have seen it all, and I have tried it all. Not just on myself, but on literally THOUSANDS of clients. Out of every diet I have used on my clients and myself, THIS IS THE ONLY DIET THAT WORKS FOR EVERY PERSON, EVERY TIME! And it works FAR better than everything else! 

The only problem is, most people are not strong enough to do it. 
Are you?

(but only IF you can handle it)
This Extreme FAT LOSS method will have you looking more shredded than a Donald Trump Tax return! However, this may be the most difficult part! It’s called “Cold Exposure Thermogenesis” or “CET”.

When you expose your body to cold, your body has to burn a ton of calories to keep your body temperature at 98 degrees. If you workout in the cold, you will burn more calories from the COLD than you will from the workout!
Exposure to an air temperature of 19 C. (66 F.) while wearing light clothing causes an approximate 30% rise in calories burned! This means you would burn more fat by doing nothing in the cold than doing a standard workout in the heat! And the colder you are, the more calories you will burn.

This is why studies show Cryotherapy can burn 400 - 800 calories in just 3 Minutes! Cryo Chambers get to -250 F. 

But Cold Exposure Thermogenesis helps you burn fat in other ways too! 

Additionally, we also have a special kind of fat in our bodies called “brown fat tissue” (BAT). Unlike white fat, which stores energy, brown fat actually burns calories by using energy. 

BAT turns calories from food into heat. It generates heat by to help keep your body at 98 Degrees. 
Studies show that cold exposure increases BAT activity. That leads to increased calorie expenditure.
Use The COLD To Become Invincible 
Don't worry about getting sick. You get sick from viruses and bacteria , not from cold temperatures. People get sick in the winter because we spend more time in the warm indoors and spread viruses and bacteria to each other.

I have not had a cold in over a year and I take cold showers and "ice baths" all the time. In fact, Cold Exposure Strengthens the Immune System! Studies have shown that cold exposure increases levels of white blood cells and circulating IL-6. 

One study looked at the effects of 6 weeks of cold water immersion (14C or 57 degrees for 1hr) on the immune system. Participants had increased levels of IL-6, CD3, CD4, CD8, activated T and B lymphocytes, suggesting a more active immune system. 

Cold exposure has also been used for centuries to treat depression! According to the most recent statistics from the CDC, one out of every twenty Americans suffers from depression. I have dealt with deep depression on and off my whole life. One thing that always helps is ice baths, cold showers, and cryotherapy!

Here are some more benefits of Cold Exposure Thermogenesis
  •  Lowering body fat 
  •  Increasing hormone levels 
  •  Improving sexual performance and fertility
  •  Lowering blood sugar
  •  Cutting food cravings
  •  Improving adrenal function 
  •  Fixing thyroid issues
  •  Enhancing immune function
  •  Improving deep sleep quality 
  •  Increasing pain tolerance 
  •  Reducing inflammation
Just Imagine How It Would Feel To Turn Heads At The Beach With Your Physique And Turn-on The Opposite Sex Without Having To Say A Word…
Take a second to imagine how you will feel once you have the shredded body you desire. 
  •  How do you think people will treat you?  
  • How do you think the opposite sex will respond?
  •  Do you think you will inspire others?
  •  How will your family respond?
  •  How will your HATERS feel when they see how you got ripped as FUCK?
If you are not proving them WRONG, then you are proving them RIGHT
-Frank Sinatra
I want you to think about ALL of the people in your life that have ever hated on you. Think about all the people who ever talked shit about you or made fun of you. Think about the girls that rejected you.

They all were saying the same thing... 

They were saying, “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” 

Every second you spend NOT going after your goals, you are PROVING THEM RIGHT! So ask yourself this-

Are they right about you? Do you really suck? Or are you a Fucking Badass Champion?!  

Look man, just saying you are awesome doesn't mean shit. I can “say” I am an astronaut, but if I have never been in a fucking spaceship, that just means that I am lying. It would mean that I am lying to myself. It would mean that I am full of shit. 

Are YOU full of shit?  

Are you lying to yourself?  

It doesn't matter what you fucking “say”. If you can’t PROVE it, then it's all bullshit bro. If you are ready to PROVE YOUR HATERS WRONG, TERMINATOR 2 WEEK: JUDGMENT DIET will help you do that… 


Unless of course, they were RIGHT about you. 
Most people really do SUCK. Most people really are FULL OF SHIT.

Are you? 

I Helped Jamal  Lose Over 60 Pounds!
The #1 Reason Most People Fail
Want to know the #1 reason why you have not accomplished your goals?

Remember when I said that “Nobody is BORN a Badass”? You have not accomplished your goals yet because you have not LEARNED TO BECOME A FUCKING BADASS! 

When we are born, we are all babies. That’s fine when you really are a baby, but at some point you have to become a REAL MAN. And a REAL MAN is strong enough to take on all the challenges life throws at him. But babies just cry until someone comes and fixes whatever they are crying about. 

Look, if you are reading this, you are most likely not a baby (if any infants are reading this, I am sorry if I offended you). And because YOU are not a baby anymore, you have to stop acting like one! It’s time for you to stop crying about your circumstances and start DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It’s time for you to become a BADASS! 

I Helped This Retired Navy Vet Lose Over 80 Pounds!
THIS Is Why YOU Have NOT Accomplished 
Want to know how you can become a BADASS?

You become a BADASS by doing BADASS SHIT! And the TERMINATOR 2 WEEK: JUDGMENT DIET is one of the most badass things you can do. 

You see, when you do something difficult, it raises your threshold for difficulty. Now things that you used to consider difficult are not so hard. Now you can take on more and more difficult tasks. As this cycle continues, you will keep spiraling upward. Before you know it, you will be mentally and physically strong enough to take on ANYTHING! 

That’s how you go from “Baby” to “BADASS” 

That’s how TERMINATOR 2 WEEK: JUDGMENT DIET helps YOU become a fucking BADASS. It’s so difficult, that once you have completed it, almost everything else in your life will seem easy! 

That means you can start going after bigger and better goals in other areas of your life! 

Setting a fitness goal, and sticking to it everyday makes you so much more confident. You will start to believe in yourself more, and that confidence will improve ALL areas of your life.

Once you rise to the challenge of accomplishing your fitness goals, it’s not uncommon for my clients to see OTHER life improvements that they never even expected!

Including, but not limited too…
  •  Drastically improved confidence and well being
  •  Better grades in school.
  •  Increased performance at work or in business
  • Amazing improvements in relationships with friends, family, and significant others.
You can expect this anytime you accomplish a challenging goal. And the more challenging the goal, the better the results.

And TERMINATOR 2 WEEK: JUDGMENT DIET is as challenging as it gets! 

Are you MAN enough to accept this challenge? 

I Helped Ram Lose Over 50 Pounds!
When And Where You Can Get Your Hands On The
TERMINATOR 2 WEEK: JUDGMENT DIET is available for Pre-Order on NOW
Until May 28th, But then...

You save $200 by ordering NOW!
In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
✔️ You'll discover exactly how to use my “Elite Thermogenic Hacks” that will help you Lose Body Fat FASTER so you don’t have to diet for more than two weeks.

✔️ The secret over the counter asthma medication that may be the key to you burning WAY more FAT! (this is something most fitness guys won’t tell you) 

✔️ Why you should NEVER lift with “High Reps” when trying to burn fat. 

✔️More Money in Your Wallet: If you're strong enough to handle this program, you spend way less on food so the money you save will more than cover the cost of the program. 

✔️ A complete step-by-step blueprint for melting away 10-20 pounds over the next 2 weeks. 

✔️ Exact, easy to follow, step-by-step blueprint I used to lose 10 pounds in 5 days. 

✔️ You'll discover how the “media” is scamming you and why it’s PREVENTING you from losing weight. 

✔️ 3-minute mind-control trick that helps you control your hunger so you don’t give into cravings and fuck up your diet. 

✔️The “Energy Blitzkrieg Tactics” that unlock unlimited amounts of energy and focus so you can crush your day job and have tons of energy while dieting. 

✔️ The #1 biggest mistake guys make when they are trying to get ripped fast. 

✔️ A comprehensive training manual that walks you through the entire program start to finish. 

✔️ A proven system backed by science that will transform your physique and massively change + improve your life. 

✔️ An all-in-one training system that delivers MAXIMUM results for your effort. 

✔️ How to master the "inner game of fitness" and develop the self-discipline and willpower it takes to build the body of your dreams  

✔️ The 4 biggest weight loss myths and mistakes that keep people fat and stuck in a rut. If you've fallen victim to any of these (and most people have), you NEED to have this information. 

✔️ Why long-distance jogging is an incredibly inefficient way to lose weight and what you should do instead to have a lean, sexy body that you're proud of. 

✔️ 5 lies the fitness industry tells you so they can steal your money. 

✔️ Exactly how to Lose Body Fat FASTER using a diet “hack” no one is talking about that sends your bodies fat burning capability into hyper drive in record time. 

✔️ How To Lose Weight In As Little As 14 Days... Even If You've Tried To Get In Shape In The Past And Failed! 

✔️ 3 Ways to Burn Fat Without exercising more. 

✔️ The TRUTH about how much protein you need to keep your muscle while cutting.
✔️ Why knowing your blood type can help you get ripped faster.
Fat burning secrets of the leanest people in the world.

✔️ 25 of the most "Crazy" Ways To Melt Body Fat. 

✔️ How to Escape The Fat Ass Life You Have Been Living. 


Listen, It Won't Be Easy.  Losing Fat FAST Never Is
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That’s what you have to look forward to on your 10 minute call. Are you intense enough to try it? Are you intense enough to roll with the winners? 

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Get results even FASTER using the best tasting + most powerful supplements on EARTH, including Tea Rexx Fat Burner, Rebellion Pre-Workout, Revolt Advanced BCAA’s, Fighter Fuel Coffee and Creatine. 


Bonus #4: Photo Shoot Ready 
"5 Day Fat Loss Method"
This is the exact protocol I use to get ready for photo shoots or events in 5 days!

If you want to know how to be in PEAK CONDITION for an event (wedding, vacation, photo shoots, etc.) this will break down exactly how it’s done. 

This handbook is an extreme program involving extreme dieting and exercise but it is scientifically proven to work. It also includes modifications for people who can't follow the exact program as laid out but who will lose a tremendous amount of fat in only a few days. 

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Get my simple workout routine and nutrition strategy that has worked for me as well as thousands who follow me on social media in INSTANT ABDOMINALS.

INSTANT ABDOMINALS is a "groundworks" ebook that I wrote to lay the foundation of how fat loss works and can be sustained.

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This book contains the truth on what it takes to attract the success you want into your life. 

Become more confident and more powerful with these 7 strategies I use to develop myself as a man of influence and leadership.

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Bonus #1: TEA REXX EXTREME - 100% Natural Fat Burner:  $39.96 

Bonus #2: 1 on 1 Coaching Call: $597

Bonus #3: $20 Gift card for BRO LABORATORIES.COM:  $20

Bonus #4: Photo Shoot Ready: 5 Day Fat Loss Method: $140


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This "impossible-to-turn-it-down" guarantee is simple: If you don’t lose 10-20 pounds of body weight within 14 Days send me an email with proof that it did not work for you, and proof that you actually followed the program 100% to the letter (click here to see requirements) then I will write you a check for TWICE what you paid for the program, AND YOU CAN KEEP ALL OF THE BONUSES. 

Why do I want you to PROVE that you followed the program 100% to the letter? 

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Brandon Carter 

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